Tool of the Month

Tool of the Month: Puppet

Puppet is a tool for configuring a large number of machines by recipe and periodically checking that they are still in conformance. I have fallen in love.

FireFox Scrapbook Extension

This week's tool: the Scrap Book extensionfor FireFox.

Scrap Book is a combination of "save this web page" and an organizer for saved web pages. It captures exactly the state of the web page as currently displayed to a disk cache and provides a FireFox side-bar to browse or search your saved pages.

Quintensential Media Player (QMP)

QMP media player/ripper/library for Windows


This week's tool: RXVT

RXvt is an X-Windows alternative to XTerm. However, that's not where or why I use it. RXvt is my prefereed shell window on Windows systems. I get it from the Cygwin Unix compatability distribution. (It's not part of the default install set.)

(Incidentally, I've come to the point where I always do a full installation of Cygwin. To quote Rick B: "Hey man, disk space is free".)

Useful features:

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