svntools: Subversion tools for command line geeks


This is a project home page for my collection of tools to work with Subversion, mostly from the command line, Unix or Cygwin basis.

Status: BETA (-): they are underdocumented and do not have automated test suites. I have used them extensively and have shared them with colleagues.


These tools do not yet have a downloadable package. To get them, fetch them from GitHub:

Bugs and Suggestions

Please report bugs and suggestions through GitHub


Tools include:

  • svn-mergebench: a tool to assist with merging changes from one branch to another. Computes mergable entries and creates a bash subshell with commands optimized for merging individual changesets. While you can still do regular subversion like set-coalescent merges I designed it to make git style one-to-one commit mapping between the branches trivial

  • svn-clean: a tool to return a subversion sandbox to a pristine state by reverting changed files and removing unknown ones. This is a quicker way to do "rm -rf *; svn up"